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Recent Reviews

 A Christmas Carol at The Hanover Theatre

 "Marc Geller as Marley is far too short a scene but worthy of any performance on Broadway. Geller is an absolute powerhouse..."

Kevin T. Baldwin, Telegram & Gazette

The Normal Heart at Burning Coal Theatre

“The incomparable Marc Geller captures Ned’s rage, sorrow, and everything in-between. His is a performance of the highest caliber.”

Dustin K. Britt, Triangle Arts and Leisure

Baskerville at Sierra Rep 

"Geller slides flawlessly from one character to the next in physicality, energy and mannerism."

Patricia Harrelson, Calaveras Enterprise 

Cabaret at Sierra Rep

"Dianne Manaster and Marc Geller are standouts as the older couple. Mr. Geller is a charming, sweet and wise gentleman whose turns in "It Couldn't Please Me More" and "Married" are so well-nuanced and motivated that his optimism of Germany protecting him makes the ending all the more heart wrenching.”

Marc Gonzalez, The Road to 1,000

Current and Upcoming Work...

Currently shooting an episode of Russian Doll for Netflix.  

Katy Keene

Marc Geller as The Director on Katy Keene on the CW.

The Onion - Deceased Acquaintances

Marc Geller as Psychic Medium Kenneth Quinn on The Onion

The Eric André Show

Marc Geller as The Homeless Man on The Eric André Show on Adult Swim


Marc Geller as Kier Egan on the Apple TV series, Severance, directed by Ben Stiller.